Why BPS?


  • Best Management Practices in regards to purchasing administration
  • Job Cost Management in RealTime
  • Automation of the purchasing process administered by our knowledgeable professionals
  • Efficiency and standardization of processes and procedures
  • RealTime reporting and communication to help better manage business
  • Reduce the cost of doing business by eliminating:
  •  Administrative overhead
  • The need to hire and train new personnel
  • The need for in-house automated systems
  • The need to upgrade/maintain systems
  • Annual systems licensing fees
  • Implement needed disciplines
  • Increase the bottom line


T e s t a m o n i a l s

"For the last several years we have been working very hard to help builders survive the housing recession. BPS allows custom and small volume builders to have a sophisticated purchasing system normally only available to large builders. For the medium to large volume builder BPS provides an option to out-source the purchasing administration as they have had to downsize.
BPS allows builders to reduce their overhead costs while maintaining and in many instances improving the control of the purchasing process. BPS services can reduce builders' direct construction costs through better bidding procedures and documentation; purchasing and
purchase order administration; and the accounts payable process".


                            - Chuck Shinn, Founder

                            - Builder Partnerships 


“The team at Builder Purchasing Services has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a purchasing administration firm in handling the entire bidding process for us on a very complex custom home. Bidding was completed in less than two (2) weeks and various architectural changes from the owner were thrown into the mix during the bidding period. I would like to say that this quick turn-around could not have been managed without their systems and persistence in making things run smoothly.  They were a true team player and were clearly motivated to help us with the project.  We will definitely continue to use BPS.”  


                        - Marshall Durrett, President

                        - Durrett Interests - Austin, TX

“I want to keep my internal costs down with a concentrated small core group of employees in order to provide my homeowners with an excellent product at a fair price. By outsourcing many of my companies back office and ancillary functions to organizations that concentrate solely on those dedicated rolls, I can do just that and pay for these previously full-time internal aspects only as
I need them.”

                        - Tony Bourg, President

            - Bourg Development, Thornton, CO



“Builders throughout the country looking to keep a close eye on their budgets without getting caught up in the minutia of purchasing administration, as well as having their bidding conducted in a concise and coordinated manner, now have a unique and valuable resource to utilize that will reduce the costs of internal systems and personnel.”

                                                                              - Glenn Burgess, President
                                                                              - Burgess Construction Consultants Inc., Plano, TX  

This is the most innovative service presented at the show this year. This service will change the industry and how many builders handle day to day operations.”

                                                                            - Scott Sinelli, Vice President of Operations

    - Village Homes of Colorado


“Not having to increase internal overhead by way of headcount, training, office space and management is a terrific relief. Builder Purchasing Services knowledge of all aspects of purchasing administration has been made extremely evident throughout the many “GoTo” meetings conducted over the last couple of months, their expertise in database management and also in administering our buyout process. We are confident that BPS will manage our purchasing functions so we can concentrate on building and still have procedural controls and constant job cost management at our fingertips.”

                                                                            - Jim Baar, Controller
                                                                            - JMC Communities Inc 
                                                                              St Petersburg, FLA and Clemson SC

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