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Buyout Process 
The Buyout (Bidding) Process ultimately leads to contracting the right subcontractors for each trade. This process includes the review of architectural blue prints, scopes of work and material specifications to remove gray areas prior to execution of the buyout process. Building the clients database which in turn creates the bid pricing documents. We also build the Bid Portal and post all applicable documents for the buyout process. After overseeing this process through the receipt of the Bid Proposals, we assemble all the bids and submit with Bid Comparison  documents by activity to the client for negotiating and contracting.


Once  the  builder  has  negotiated  and  selected  their  Trade  Partners,   we  revise  the  system  pricing  to  reflect  any  changes  and  release   the  Contracted  Budget  Report.  Upon approval, the Purchase Orders are released at  the  builders  direction. 


Purchase Order Processing
With BPS, the Purchase Order Processing is automated. Once the builder has negotiated and selected their Trade Partners, we revise the new contracted pricing and submit the contracted budget to the builder for approval. Upon release of the standard purchase orders, the builder will receive the Budget Audit report showing all Purchase Orders released as well as an electronic copy of each purchase order. This notification to the builder is in RealTime. All purchase orders are included in this system.

Variance Purchase Orders
The VPO process is executed by the builder with a link directly to their database. The process is aseries of drop down selections making it very user friendly. Upon submittal of the Variance Purchase Order, the committed cost is updated and the VPO is emailed to the Trade involved. This keeps the builder up to date on additional cost to the budget and is a valuable tool in managing their construction operations.

Measurement Purchase Orders 

Based on square foot or linear foot costs, i.e. sidewalks, driveways, etc…

Option Purchase Orders 

Based on customer selections, i.e. flooring upgrades, appliance upgrades, etc...

Purchase Order Approval

Approval for purchase orders can be executed by the job superintendent electronically via a handheld (If scheduling is implemented through BPS), internet or manually and sent via Fax or Email. The Purchase Order Approval report will be sent to the builder in RealTime. After this document is processed, the builder will receive their Draw Requst Report. This document has been widely accepted by the builder's inspectors and replaces the invoices and/or the purchase orders the inspectors normally would use for this process.      




BPS has  more  than  70 reports  for  the  builder to select from. These   reports  are sent after  each  transaction  and  upon  request.  The  builder can  select  the  report  formats  that  best  suits  the  way  the  want  to manage  their  projects

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