Sample Reports

Below are just some examples of the more than 70 reports we have in our system. Please click on a specific report to review. These samples reflect a unit within a four plex building. Our system rolls up cost by unit, by building and by project, providing all the job cost management reporting you need to better manage your projects.

Our system saves time for both your personnel and that of your trades by:

·         Greater work flow efficiencies for the purchasing function resulting in time and cost savings.

·         Eliminating invoices and the task of matching them to PO's

·         Providing accurate tracking of budgets to help eliminate cost overruns

·         Detailed reporting for effective job-site management to address PO’s,

      Invoices, and manage cost overruns

·         Enabling one entry point for project related information – you aren’t

inputting information into multiple programs such as Excel and

Quick Books

·         Consistent reporting throughout the organization.  Owners, Investors,

and Management have the benefit of seeing the information they need

      in a consistent and reliable format

Bid Comparison Report - This report is presented to the Builder when all bids are received back from the
Buyout. By showing the lowest bid for each activity in bold type, it will set the benchmark for negotiations.

Purchase Orders - We have several formats for the Purchase Orders. They can have special instructions specific to the trade and/or may contain the language for your lien waiver.

Budget Audit Report by Job - Shows the Budget for the specific unit, building or the whole project as it appears in our accounting system.

Jobs with PO's Approved from Scheduling - This report reflects all the PO's that have been approved (Work Complete) by your personnel. This gives you a RealTime snapshot on what has been completed on this particular unit. This report along with the Open PO's by Job and Vendor report and the Cost Spreadsheet 
are great reports to submit for your draw process. You no longer need to include invoices for the draw 

Open PO's by Job and Vendor - This report shows the PO's that have not yet been approved because the work has not been completed. This is the document we suggest your field personnel use to approve completed tasks. This document also replaces the dreaded task of matching PO's to invoices. Since the PO in now the invoice, you no longer need to receive invoices from your trades nor do they have to spend their time preparing invoices for payment.

Purchase Order Status Report - This is a detailed report that reflects the status of every PO processed for this particular job.

Purchase Order Audit Report - This report reflects the same data as the Open PO's by Job and Vendor report, with greater detail.

Cost Spreadsheet - This report is a snapshot of all your cost for a particular unit, building or project. It includes variances, costs you want broke down by material and labor as well as lump sum bids.

Budget Spreadsheet - This report is a condensed version of the Cost Spreadsheet.

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