Why do I need automated systems?
Plain and simple, for accurate Job Cost Management. The Purchasing       
   Systems import specific jobs built in Estimating which reflect your initial

   budget for a project. By updating this data as needed, Accounting and

   Estimating always reflect the actual cost incurred to date. This data is

   paramount in managing your day to day operations and provides the

   information necessary for effective cost control.

How many homes do I need to build to utilize your services?
Anywhere from 2 homes and up. We originally targeted the small to midsize builder for our services, but with the state of the industry, we have contracted with large builders as well.
Small and midsize builders will benefit from having access to automated systems which they would not normally implement in their environment. All builders benefit from outsourcing to a company that specializes in the purchasing process.

What do you need in order to execute my Buyout?
We need a digital copy of your blue prints, an accurate contact list for your Trade Partners, Scopes of Work (we can supply this documentation), Material Specifications (we can supply this documentation), Instructions to Bidders and the date in which you want the bid proposals back for negotiating and contracting.

How are my Trade Partners notified for the Buyout?
Via email. Included in their notification will be instructions on accessing your plans in our online plan room, Instructions to Bidders, Scopes of Work, Material Specifications and the bid due date. We will assemble all the proposals by Trade and submit them to you for negotiations and contracting.

How long is the Buyout Process?
It takes us 1 to 2 weeks to set up your Trade and project information in our system. Once we notify your Trade Partners of the Buyout, we normally allow 2 weeks to get your bids back. More time may be required for larger or multi family projects.

How are Variance Purchase Orders processed? 
We prefer them to be sent electronically through our proprietary BPM process. Your personnel will
log on to our BPM form and fill in the Trade Partners name, the reason for the variance (Variance Code), the amount of the variance and whether the variance is back charged to another Trade.
Cost parameters for approval are set up by you. For example, if your limits for approval by your field personnel is $500.00 or under, then the VPO is processed immediately upon receipt by BPS. If it is over $500.00, it will be routed to your corporate office for approval.

How do I approve my Purchase Orders for payment?
Utilizing the Open Purchase Orders report. You can approve PO's online and email back to us, or fill the report out manually and fax it back to us. We prefer online.

How much money will I save by using BPS?
Obviously, the savings differ for every builder because of their current cost of purchasing administration. Our data shows we will save you between 35% and 65% just on your administration and systems cost. This does not include savings related to the better cost management tools we provide.

What are the benefits?

1)     Standardization.  When you do the same process repeatedly, you become more efficient and efficiency becomes the standard.

2)    Organization. Our system is designed to keep the Builder organized when it comes to Purchasing Administration.

3)   Time Savings. By utilizing our Automated Purchase Order Service, you save time for your team members. From the superintendent out in the Job Trailer matching Invoices to Purchase Orders to your Trade Partner not being in their office preparing invoices for their scheduled draw. With our Purchase Order Approval Report, you virtually eliminate invoices.

4)   Job Costing. You know up front what the costs for each particular Trade is and by knowing your cost, you not only manage your day to day operations better, you also will be able to make more informed decisions regarding your product offerings to your buyer. Our RealTime budget reporting will keep you up to date on Job Costs by unit, building, project and company for all the projects we service for you. It also lets you know what has been paid on standard contracts as well as Variance Purchase Orders, Option Upgrades and Contract Changes. Knowing what you have variances for allows you to focus on eliminating them.

5)   Improving your Bottom Line. After all, isn’t that what every Builder strives for?

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